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Play is our brain’s FAVORITE WAY of learning.

– Diane Ackerman

“Play is the FOUNDATION OF LEARNING, creativity, self-expression, and constructive problem-solving. It’s how children wrestle with life to MAKE IT MEANINGFUL ”

-Susan Linn
Contemporary American psychiatrist

Who I am

Jodie Howe, LPC | Owner, Lead Therapist

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a registered Clinical Supervisor. I specialize in helping young children overcome emotional and behavioral challenges both at home and in school. Working with children is my passion and has been the center of my entire career as a therapist. My goal is to provide children with a safe space where they can heal and develop in the comfort of caring and supportive adults. 

I am also a mom. I can relate to the mental and emotional weight being a parent can bring and how important it is to choose the BEST care for our children. You are in the right place. 

  • Attachment Focused Play Therapy
  • Sandtray Play
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy
  • Relationally Focused Therapy
  • Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Circle of Security
  • Adlerian Play Therapy

I have extensive training in:

  • Residential Treatment Center
  • Behavior Coaching
  • Department of Child Safety Specialist
  • Childhelp Children's Advocacy Center
  • Group Home-Clinical Coordinator
  • AZ Superior Court-CPP Clinician
  • Contract-Trauma Informed Classroom Trainer 
  • Private Practice

Experience in the field: 

  • Behavioral Challenges 
  • Childhood Trauma 
  • Attachment 
  • Grief, Loss, and Divorce
  • School Training/Education 
  • Parent Skill Building 

My areas of expertise include:

 Core Values

From the early stages of development to fully blossoming, our goal is to nurture every child's emotional needs across environments through child centered therapy, parent skill building, and tailored academic support.

01/ Seedling
02/ Nurture
03/ roots
04/ Growth
05/ Relational

06/ Blossomed

SERVICES — How can I support you?

Child Therapy • Parent Skill Building • School Training • Classroom Coaching • CLINICAL SUPERVISION

Child Therapy

$195/60 minute session

You're noticing your child is having difficulty managing behaviors when they become upset. Your child is having big emotional outbursts that seem to be getting worse as time goes on. Transitions are increasingly difficult and you feel like you have to repeat yourself constantly. You feel that your child is “seeking attention” in negative ways no matter how hard you try and ignore the behavior. 

Parent Skill Building

$225/90 minute session

You feel like you have tried it all. No parenting books seem to be working and don’t meet the unique emotional needs of your child. You have the skills but need a tailored strategy and are willing to learn. Consequences don’t seem to work and positive incentives are ineffective long term. You find yourself parenting in a way that you never thought you would and sometimes become emotionally fatigued and resentful.

School Training


Three part series to support continued social/emotional learning in the classroom. Teachers will walk away with confidence in their abilities to form deeper rooted relationships with difficult students. They will learn effective strategies focused around emotional management in the classroom. 

Classroom Coaching


Schools who complete the training series will also have access to continued classroom coaching support. All staff members will have access to additional social/emotional resources. They will also be provided 1:1 coaching sessions to meet the specific developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs in their classrooms. Classroom coaching provides a much needed resource to school professionals who have limited time to spare. 

Clinical Supervision


Providing clinical supervision to associate level clinicians seeking independent licensure. I have learned throughout my career how important it is to have a knowledgable and supportive supervisor. Through clinical supervision you will receive extensive support managing licensure hours, learning therapeutic techniques, developing treatment plans, completing documentation,  and growing your skills as a clinician. 

Free Consultation

Offering a free consultation phone call and happy to answer any questions prior to scheduling an intake. Sometimes the first step is starting the conversation. I’m here to help.

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